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What is shared web hosting?

Shared web hosting refers to hosting multiple websites on the same web server that is connected to world wide web. Shared hosting is mainly given to individuals or people having small industry. This is cost effective web hosting solution used by many people.

If you are new to the web technology industry, Then everyone will tell the advantages of shared hosting. There are many forms of hosting a website available for you, but the most common web hosting is shared web hosting. Nowadays many websites are running in shared hosting. But there are many advantages and disadvantages of shared hosting. They are discussed below.

Advantages of Shared Web Hosting:

1. Low cost:

Shared hosting is nothing but sharing a host server with another user. If a server is shared, then he/she can easily make a profit. They can also provide some cheaper services. The great profit and advantage of shared hosting is cost-effectiveness. This is done at a low cost. The web technology industry is the most growing industry.

In this competitive world, with many competitors of hosting you can get shared web hosting at a minimal rate with all the needed features.

2. Simplicity:

The shared hosting is simply called as managed hosting. Because they are managed with dedicated servers. Shared hosting has a data center, where it maintains server and hardware associated with it. This will act as admin and provide you all the basic and complex connectivity.

People who don’t know to maintain and manage the server and people who are facing difficulties in maintaining the server can adapt to a shared hosting environment. Shared hosting environment also provides control panel software and website builders. This simplicity is one of the great benefits of the growing web technology industry.

Disadvantages of Shared Web Hosting:

1. System crashes: As I explained earlier, shared hosting is all about sharing the host server for many websites. When the server is loaded with more number of websites, then the traffic gets increased and the process of searching will get slower. Finally, the system gets crashed and get collapsed.

2.Performance problem: performance is a very big issue. The components in the shared hosting web servers are shared. So ultimately the components are not evenly distributed. So the performance will get reduced based on the websites in the server.

3.Security: Security is most important in web hosting, but in shared hosting, it is very less. It provides lots and lots of services, but with no warranty. By this, hackers can easily hack your site. You may not know for a long time like what is happening? So try to avoid these types of problem and get escape from threats.

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