Simple Steps to Install WordPress Using WordPress Manager | Host insider

It is an easy way to install WordPress by using WordPress Manager which is present in the Cpanel account.

Installing WordPress Using WordPress Manager:

Just follow these four steps, to install WordPress in your site using WordPress Manager.

STEP 1: Login to cPanel

Firstly, log in your Cpanel account and type ‘WordPress Manager’  in the search box.

STEP 2: WordPress Manger

Once you find it, click on the ‘WordPress Manager’.

STEP 3: Select New Site

You can select the site if it is present already. If not,  click on the ‘New Site’.

STEP 4: Install and Receive Login Details

Now, you will see your site present there. If not, you can select it by clicking on the down arrow in which you want to install the WordPress. Once installed, you will receive the Username and Password of the WordPress account.

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