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SEO is the way to optimize and boost your website ranking on the top of search results. When you search for something in the web, then the search engines will display a list of 10 web pages on each page. Here the websites were listed based on some ranking signals called Search Engine Optimization Factors.

Based on the implementation and work involved, the Search Engine Optimization factors were classified into two types as; On-Page Optimization and Off-Page Optimization.

On-Page SEO

Optimizing your website based on the ranking factors that involve the activity to happen on your website is termed as On-Page SEO. The On-Page SEO is completely based on the site owners or administrators. It is the core and most important one to make the users understand all about your website or a webpage. If it looks confusing, then you can appreciate the things well when you check the on-page factors listed below.

On-Page SEO Factors & How to Do it

Before going to the On-Page SEO factors, you must do some basic website configuration.

Go to Settings -> General, there you will find options to update the site title, site tagline and so on.

Make sure the Site Title is your Business name or a Blog Name and Update your Tagline as well. Once after updating the title, the most important thing to be updated from the start is Link Structure.

If you have a question “Is Link Structure very much important?” then my answer is yes. So make sure the link structure is having SEO and User-Friendly appearance. For example, you can check the URL Structure of each article and main pages in our Host Insider Website.

Also, If you change the link structure for a well-established blog, then you want to redirect every post published in it.

To make sure your site is SEO Friendly and all the content present on your web page is well optimized, you can install the SEO Plugins like Yoast SEO (or) All in One SEO WordPress plugins. Through this plugin, you will get various options to optimize each webpage.

SEO Title

Title of the Blog post or a page must be well optimized based on the Keywords. The title tag appears at the top of every web page listed in the search results. It says more about the content, and that’s the reason it should have the keyword at least once. It is one of the most critical ranking signals as well.

SEO Description

The description is also called as the crispy content. It will be elaborating the web page content bit more than the title tag. The character limitation for the description tag is 320 characters, and it is recommended to have the description with 300 to 320 characters. Also, make sure Keyword is present once or twice in it.

SEO Plugin Check

The above two options also will be included in the SEO plugins. In addition to that, you will find various other factors that will be suggested by the SEO plugins as well.

To know more information about “How to On-Page SEO for a WordPress Blog?“, Check the below video which is explained with Step By Step Instructions.